Portraits Of
Bo Jackson & Lance Armstrong
by Alabama Artist
Cynthia Massey Parsons
to be auctioned at:  
Bo Bikes Bama

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Bo Jackson to make a difference!

"I am my brothers & sisters keeper," Bo Jackson.
All-Star Athlete / Sports Legend / Heisman Trophy Winner / Proud Alabamian

On April 27, 2011 tornadoes ravaged communities of Alabama.  April 24-28, 2012
Bo will ride his bicycle 300 miles through those same communities to raise $1,000,000
for the Governor of Alabama's Emergency Relief Fund.  The Fund was established to
help Alabamians with unmet recovery needs incurred from the wake of the
deadly tornadoes that crossed the State of Alabama in April of 2011.

We can help Bo make his goal!
Let's bid at the BoBikesBama Online Auction  
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The celebratory Finish Line Auction Event was at
3:00 p.m., Saturday, April 28th at the
Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre; Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Alabama Artist Cynthia Massey Parsons
painted high energy portraits of
Bo Jackson Biking
Lance Armstrong Biking.
The paintings were exhibited for viewing &
can now be bidded-to-own at the
Bo Bikes Bama Online Auction.
The portraits feature highly reflective surfaces...
embedded gold & silver foils and powders... &
Parsons' great depiction of her subject's energy & movement
as seen in her collectible book of 1996 Soccer actions:
Impressions - Men's Summer Soccer '96
Artist's Bio

Parsons' portraits of Bo Jackson & Lance Armstrong can be seen here
and in the
Huntsville Times Article on Portraits:
Local Artist Enjoys Brush With Bo

Online Auction of Portraits: (Artwork)  http://bobikesbama.com/auction.aspx

Let's all make a difference!

Portraits when in progress...
Elbert H. Parsons, III
Alabama BMX State
Bicycle Champion
at age 14

Cynthia M. Parsons
Portrait Artist
of Bo & Lance

Danielle Hendrix
Cousin: Jimmy Hendrix
Elbert's Friend &